Why Choose Us

Country Inn Pet Resort and Animal Hospital is the only Cesar Millan Dog Psychology Center in South Florida, and the only hurricane-safe pet service facility in South Florida. This means that you and your pet receive the best of the best when they visit Country Inn. Situated on a beautiful 8-acre property, complete with pools, a pawcuzzi, indoor and outdoor play areas, and private suites – your pet is certain to enjoy their stay at Country Inn!

Read through some of the highlights for pets below, and then visit our Testimonials page to see why people love us, too!

Our Facility

Our Facility

Our Location & Premises

  • Safe, clean, peaceful and stress-free neighborhood
  • Relaxing and comfortable country club feeling – soothing music helps guests unwind from any stress
  • No heavy traffic area
  • A vast and easy private parking area
  • Easy access via I-595, I-75, Sawgrass Expressway and the Turnpike
  • Constructed area of approximately 20,000 sq. feet
  • A security alarm system and 24-hour surveillance cameras

8 Acres of Land

  • A lot of play areas and large fields for play and exercise
  • Multiple indoor and outdoor turf and natural grass fields
  • 2 Salt Chlorinated Pools
  • ONE pool for large breeds, ONE pool for smaller breeds

Hurricane Proof Building

  • The only hurricane safe pet service facility in South Florida
  • AAHA-accredited fully equipped animal hospital
  • Non-evacuation, no flood zone location
  • With impact windows and 2 massive generators
  • The generators can power the entire facility for 8 days without refueling
  • During a hurricane, we will never call you to come pick up your pet
  • We are fully staffed during hurricanes
  • Staff members stay throughout the hurricane and sleep here
  • We break dogs inside in our indoor park during any Hurricane
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3 Wings

We have 3 wings that allow us to separate dogs by size and energy:

  • A Side = large breed & dog aggressive dogs
  • B Side = small to medium breeds only
  • C Side = seniors dogs area and any size dogs

A/C System

  • We have hospital-grade A/C systems
  • 12 AC AAON units
  • Equipped with UV lights just like the hospitals
  • Minimize the possibility of having outbreak of any upper respiratory diseases
  • Provides 100% fresh air to the entire building


  • We clean our suites 4 times a day
  • Every time your dog goes outside, they come back to a clean room
  • If your dog uses the bathroom inside the suite, we will clean it immediately
  • We will NEVER let your dog sit in his own pee pee or poo poo
  • Monthly pest control program to protect your pet from parasites and more

Our Services & Staff

We Offer 5 Services Under the Same Roof

24/7 Vet Technician

Vet Technician/Property manager lives on premises.

We Have a Fully Equipped AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital

AAHA accreditation means the standard of veterinary excellent. We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) It means our hospital holds itself to a higher standard, and that your pet is receiving care at a hospital that has passed the highest standards in veterinary care If there are any medical needs or emergencies during the stay, our doctors and hospital staff are just steps away to take care of your pet.

We Are Cesar Millan’s Florida Dog Psychology Center

  • The only Cesar Millan Dog Psychology Center in South Florida
  • Fundamentals of Dog Behavior workshops with Cesar Millan
  • Training Cesar’s Way courses available and private dog training with Cesar Millan chosen trainers
  • Well trained, pet-loving staff

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Our Suites:

  • Designed for your pet’s comfort
  • Three separate boarding areas with a total of 148 Standard suites, 22 VIP suites, and 10 Senior Dog suites
  • They never face another suite or dog to reduce stress – no dog in front of any other dogs, like old-fashioned kennels used to be
  • 7 ft. high tile walls separate the suites
  • Spacious private potty yard adjacent to the suites
  • Public and Private Webcams
  • Guests are taken out 4 times a day while boarding at no additional cost
  • Each suite comes with a raised platform bed
  • VIP vs Standard suite: VIP comes with larger room, TV, and webcam access for client


  • 2 daily meals at no additional cost
  • In-house Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry food available
  • ID wet food and/or other healthy food options used if dogs refuse to eat their regular food, all at no additional cost

Personalized Treatment

  • Personalized pet treatment at all times. Each guest leaves and comes back to the suite individually
  • Guests comfort, safety, and well-being is the priority
  • The unique care of our Senior and Special Needs guests is supervised by veterinary technicians and if deemed necessary, by our doctors

Day Care

  • In our groups, we always have small breeds separated from large breeds
  • Large breed dogs can hurt a small breed dog by stepping or playing too hard
  • We create our day care groups based of temperament/personality/size
  • Our groups are usually a maximum of 12 dogs per handler, ALWAYS SUPERVISED.
  • Only pet resort with a “pawcuzzi” to help relax and unwind tired muscles


  • ALL dogs go out 4 times a day, whether they are boarding dogs or daycare dogs
  • Go out in designated play areas/large fields
  • Additional potty breaks with the doggy door throughout the day
  • Doggy door is perfect for stretches and sunbathing
  • Including Holidays and weekends, the routine is always the same
  • Many places give less or no breaks during holidays and weekends


  • Kitty Cabins are the purrrfect choice for our feline friends
  • Cat rooms and litter boxes are cleaned twice a day
  • Daily Evaluation Sheet is filled out for EACH cat
  • This sheet tells us: appetite, urination, defecation, and attitude.
  • Cats take turns during the day playing in our spacious Kitty Playroom