Training Courses

Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Florida

“My goal in rehabilitating dogs and training people is to create balanced relationships between humans and canines.”

Training Cesar’s Way Courses

Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital has collaborated with none other than Cesar Millan to bring to South Florida the best in dog rehabilitation and training. As Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center (DPC) in Fort Lauderdale we can now offer Training Cesar’s Way Courses taught by Cesar’s team of handpicked professional trainers. Mastering the Walk, Socialization, Obedience I, Obedience II and Dog Swimming are taught by trainers with extensive experience in their fields and knowledge of Cesar’s instinctual approach to dog psychology. Courses meet for one hour on Saturdays for six weeks. Register to participate in this fulfilling experience and meet other pet owners just like you who seek a balanced and harmonious relationship with their dogs.

Essentials of Dog Psychology

Want to master the walk? See your dog socialize better with other dogs? Or simply help your dog obey better? Training Cesar’s Way has the Training Course for you!

Cesar Millan’s head trainer, Todd Langston, brings his many years of experience and insight to teaching the fundamentals of dog behavior. In this hands-on course, you will learn the fundamentals of dog psychology through your own personal experience with Todd’s guidance. This is not your average training course; this is a life-long commitment to better your relationship with your pet. As Cesar always says, “we train humans and rehabilitate dogs”. You will learn Cesar’s profound approach to achieving balance and harmony with your dog while Todd coaches you each step of the way. You’ll discover how to address and resolve problematic behaviors with your dog, and achieve calm and assertive leadership skills. We are positive you will leave wanting to share all the information you learned with friends and family.

We offer private training, puppy training, group classes, pack walks, and much more.

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Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I

In the five-day Fundamentals I program, Cesar Millan personally brings his exceptional insights into dog psychology to a hands-on training course ideal for dog owners and trainers alike. You will learn Cesar’s profound approach to achieving balance and harmony with your dog from the Pack Leader himself. You’ll discover how to address and resolve problem behaviors with your dog, achieve calm and assertive leadership skills and share what you’ve learned with friends, family and clients. It’s immensely practical yet filled with the values and ideas that made Cesar the world’s most renowned dog behaviorist.

Private training, based on Cesar Millan’s philosophy, such as; at home training, puppy training, pack walks, socialization in our parks, and much more are also available.