Our Amenities

Discover all our facility has to offer!


Check out our newest amenity, your dog’s very own waterpark!

Our custom-made splash pad was developed for dogs to immerse themselves in a fun, interactive water experience. The play features are designed to engage your dog’s natural curiosity and playfulness providing entertainment for dogs of all personality types. With a massive tennis ball, fire hydrant, and palm tree that sprays out water, your dog is guaranteed to have an absolute blast! Since its always summer in Florida, Splash Island was the perfect addition for our dogs to enjoy year-round.

Splash Island is covered by a large canopy with CoolNet™ technology providing UV protection to help maintain cooler temperatures.


Our deepest pool with a beach-style entrance and jacuzzi for extra fun. This pool was designed with our swimmers in mind, it’s perfect for dogs who love to dive in paw first! They can splash around from the jacuzzi to the pool as they wish or lay down in the shallow beach entrance to catch some sun rays.

This pool is visible from our reception window so clients can see all the action going on outside and pets can show off their best moves.


Our most shallow pool is designed with our smaller breeds in mind. This pool is perfect for dogs who like to walk or splash through the water instead of swimming. The middle is the deepest part so some dogs can swim lift their paws up to swim or just walk around if they prefer.

This pool is just steps away from our Tiki Park so if dogs get too hot or prefer to be indoors, we can easily shift them into that indoor park to cool down in the A/C.


As Floridians, we know how hot it can get most of the year and how quickly our weather changes from one moment to the next. Our indoor parks were built so we can always take our dogs out to exercise and use the bathroom, regardless of the weather conditions. Our indoor parks are great for all dogs, especially those who overheat easily, get nervous with thunderstorms, or just prefer to be indoors.

Country Village Indoor Park

Our first ever indoor park located in our Country Village. This park has two trees and a beautiful skylight of clouds that brings an outdoor feel to inside. This park is strategically located near our Senior Center so our senior dogs can easily access this park with just a few steps.

Tiki Park:

Our newest and biggest indoor park located in our Key West Village. The Tiki Park brings all the tropical feels with two large skylights of palm trees and flowers. Our 12-foot-wide projector displays a variety of relaxing nature scenes on the wall and calming sounds for your pet to soak in the relaxing feeling of a beach vacation.


Does your dog prefer to be alone? Does your dog need limited exercise due to a procedure? Whatever the reason may be, our individual play areas were designed for these situations. We have multiple individual play areas that are perfect for dogs who need to be outside on their own or just with a sibling or two. Play areas are covered by a large canopy with CoolNet™ technology providing UV protection to help maintain cooler temperatures.

*All our amenities are surrounded by pet-safe turf with cool touch technology.