How do I make a reservation?

Click on the “Reservations” button below and just give us your information. The request for a reservation will be processed and one of our representatives will contact you for confirmation.

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How far ahead should I make a reservation for boarding?

We recommend that you make your reservation at least 5 days prior to your intended check-in date. During high season months and holidays, we highly recommend you make your reservation at least 30 days in advance due to the high demand for room availability.

What about Daycare, Grooming or Training?

As soon as you have decided on these services, contact us at 954-424-6000 or submit your reservation and a representative will contact you to make appropriate arrangements with you.

What are the requirements for boarding my pet?

First time guests:

Repeat guests:

  • All information on file must be up-to-date.
  • A $5100 deposit.
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Why is the Canine Influenza Virus vaccination required?

We require the Canine Influenza (CIV) vaccination for all pets prior to boarding and daycare for the safety of your dog and others.

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What about Daycare, Grooming or Training?

The same requirements for boarding.

If I have more than one pet, can they board together?

Yes, just let us know if you want them to share the same room to apply a 10% discount for each additional pet sharing a room. An enrolment form is necessary for each pet with their individual information.

Can my dog and my cat board in the same room?

Yes, with a reservation in our Hunters Lodge VIP Suite, your dog and cat may share accommodations.

Is Doggy Daycare, Pool or Field Trips included while boarding?

No, these activities are considered an additional service while boarding.

If I choose Doggy Daycare for my dog but he/she doesn't like it, what are my options?

In the case your dog does not like to socialize, he/she can do Private Spa which consists of the same activities however on a one on one basis. In addition, the pool and field trips are available as individual services so you can choose one or all while boarding. Check our price list for fees of each of these services or contact us for further information.

Boarding Ratesย Day Care Rates

My pet is on a special diet; Can I take my own food?

Yes. We encourage all owners to bring their pet’s food from home to avoid any intestinal discomfort that may occur by changing their regular diet. We just ask that you individually pack each day’s meals with your precise measurements in Ziploc-like bags duly identified and with your instructions for feeding.

My pet takes daily medications. Is this a problem? Will there be a fee for this?

Our staff is fully prepared to administer any medication your pet will need but you must provide the medication is its original vial, written detailed instructions and doses. A medication administration fee will apply, please refer to our policies or contact us for additional information. Our in-house Animal Hospital is also available for any medical assistance your pet might need.

In case of a medical emergency, what will you do?

Due to our constant and close supervision any emergency, be it medical or otherwise, is immediately assessed and properly attended to. Our in-house Animal Hospital and its staff are fully prepared to tend to any medical necessity. You or your representative will be contacted and given a full report. Please refer to our policies or contact us for additional information.

Can my dog be groomed while Boarding or in Doggy Daycare?

Yes, just let us know you want this service and we will schedule it for you.

My dog is old and with special needs. Will you be able to tend to his needs?

Yes, rest assured that that with your detailed instructions, we will tend to his/her every need. Our Pet Resort has Senior Dog Citizen Suites exclusively designed to accommodate our senior 4 legged guests.

Can my pet be seen by a veterinarian while Boarding?

Yes, your pet most certainly can and we encourage all owners to take advantage of the time your pet is Boarding with us to take care of any medical issues, updates and/or promotions, such as dental while Boarding, at our Animal Hospital. Contact us to make these arrangements prior to your Boarding date.