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All dogs that socialize at our Resort are separated by: size & temperament.

Each daycare group is created by a Kennel Supervisor who knows each dog’s personality. All our groups are always supervised by a trained staff member. Smaller breed groups can have more dogs per group, but medium to large breed groups are limited to 10-12 dogs per handler.

We do not socialize different breed sizes together because unfortunately small dogs can get injured quickly by a larger dog. Even if both dogs are very friendly and adore playing with each other, the larger breed can mistakenly hurt the smaller breed without knowing any better. There are very few cases of larger breed dogs who are very shy and gentle, who we allow to join smaller breed groups. But these are considered gray areas and these decisions must be made very carefully on a case by case basis – only.

This article by Robin Bennet gives a great explanation on the dangers of socializing different size breeds in a doggy daycare setting.

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