At Country Inn Pet Resort and Animal Hospital, we offer unique boarding accommodation styles to satisfy your pets specific needs. Our suites were designed to minimize boarding stress and no pet ever faces another while relaxing in their suite. All our suites are side-by-side and separated by 7ft. high tile walls to guarantee privacy. Most of our accommodations are equipped with doggy doors to access a turf patio area that allows for additional time outside throughout your pets stay. Since we are in located in sunny South Florida, our doggy doors are opened frequently but do not remain open all day due to the heat. Your pet will get natural sunlight that comes in through the windows of their suite while enjoying soothing music that plays throughout the day. You can explore our various accommodation options below.

Ocean Breeze Suites

The Ocean Breeze Suites are nestled in our new wing, Key West Village. These 7 x 4 deluxe standard suites include a webcam and doggy door access to an outdoor turf area of 8 x 9. The Ocean Breeze suites are suitable for many different types of personalities, from low energy to high. We do not recommend these suites for pets who may be dog aggressive.


Sunshine Villas

The Sunshine Villas are our largest and most luxurious suites located in our new wing, Key West Village. These 20 x 5 suites provide 24/7 access to a private and air-conditioned turf area just for your pet. The outdoor area is equipped with impact glass so pets can safely enjoy the views. The villas are the perfect choice for pet parents who are concerned about their pet having access to use the bathroom at their own leisure throughout the day and night.


Country Cottage VIP Suite

The Country Cottage is a large room much like one you probably have at your home. Tastefully decorated with a country theme, this suite has a custom bed, 2 large windows, a TV, and a large private outdoor area facing the pool and pawcuzzi. It is strategically located in an area where they will always see and hear what is going on around them. Recommended for dogs who enjoy high traffic surroundings.


Hunters Lodge VIP Suite

The Hunters Lodge is the largest Deluxe VIP Suite with a cute and appealing décor. It has a very large window facing the gardens at the front of the building. The Hunters Lodge is located in a quiet area near the kitty boarding section. This suite is highly recommended for dogs who prefer a more private and tranquil environment.


Log Cabin VIP Suite

The Log Cabin is a cozy and spacious suite with tile walls and, log imitating wall decorations, which gives it that mountain log cabin feeling. This very ample and comfortable cabin has various windows, a TV and is located in the small breed boarding section of the facility.


Cowboy Ranch VIP Suite

The Cowboy Ranch is similar to the Log Cabin in size and comfort. Tastefully decorated with a Wild West cowboy theme, it too has its very own TV, various windows and a comfortable custom bed. This cozy suite is also located in the small breed boarding section of the facility.


Colorado & Wyoming VIP Suites

The Colorado and Wyoming VIP Suites are ample and very comfortable suites measuring approximately 8 X 5 feet. Each suite has a window and a door that gives them access to an adjacent private outdoor area facing the large fields. The suites are separated by 7 feet tile walls, offering privacy and a stress free environment. Soothing music surrounds them at all times and they can enjoy their favorite programs on their TVs.


Senior Citizen Canine Suites

The Senior Citizen Canine Suites are perfect for our beloved senior guests. They are located in a very tranquil and serene area of the facility especially designed for their comfort.

These suites are ample and very comfortable with a cozy and calm décor. Each suite has its own window and a private access to its own outdoor ample area.

They are strategically located near the indoor play area to facilitate those guests with limited physical mobility without sacrificing their socialization and/or adequate playtime.

Standard Suite: $76/night
VIP Suite: $96/night

Cozy Country Suites (Standard)

The Cozy Country Suites are comfortable 7 X 5 suites tastefully decorated to provide a calm, home like feeling. These suites, separated by 7 feet tile walls, provide our guests with privacy and avoids stress. They each have a window and a door with access to a private outdoor area. Comfortable beds are available for each guest but you are most welcome to bring their favorite bed from home.


Kitty Cabins

The Kitty Cabins are spacious, tranquil and very cozy. Our special kitty guests can rest and enjoy their leisure time observing the front gardens through their large bay window. Kitty guests also have their own private play area, where each guest is taken there various times a day to play, exercise and watch what is going on at the reception area.

Single: $40/night
Double: $50/night
Triple: $55/night