Ana Suede
I have been going to the vet during 7 years, I love the customer service Jessi she's very nice bi-lingual, they made you feel at home and treat my 3 doggies like kings! I highly recommend this place.
Kayla Joza-Huneke
Always friendly, very helpful, super invested! Our dogs LOVE them!
Rebecca Keener
Great staff who are passionate about their job. Highly recommend!
Yara Gouveia
What a wonderful place for my Angel. They take care of my baby with love and great responsibility. Angel loves the 5 stars Pet Resort 😊 and I feel very comfortable whenever i leave her there for weeks when i travel. The facility takes care of the pet’s every need, with dedication and professionalism. Couldn’t ask for a better place!
Anthony Martucci
I've had the opportunity to volunteer here and am blown away every time! The unbelievable cleanliness, the organization and details per dog, not to mention the beautiful facility is more than enough reasons to board your pets here. I mean, they have bone shaped pools... Who doesn't want to jump in that?!
Thomas Carr
I took my new puppy, Apolo, here for his first vet visit and everything went great. Apolo is usually apprehensive around people but Dr. Kuchar was caring and gentle with the dog and explained everything to me in great detail and made sure I could understand. We have a new vet!
lori jac
Love this place, the only boarding facility I would use. Clean, professionally run and very secure. Boarded 3 dogs during the hurricane, I think I would have felt safer staying there myself!
Daniel Hewett
BEST PLACE EVER FOR MY PETS! Big, spacious, nice and clean. Everyone is super friendly and you can clearly see how much they love my girl Zoe and my kitties. The hospital is awesome too . My babies LOVE Dr. Kuchar and the hospital staff and all the attention they receive (let alone the treats.. lol) Glad to know my babies are taken care of when I go away on vacation. 5 Stars All the way!! :)
kevin Warshel
I just love this place. I use all of the services they provide. The animal hospital staff is wonderful especially Dr.Kuchar. The new groomer always gives my Pebbles a great haircut and Pebbles is always excited to see the resort staff. I can't say enough good things about Country Inn.
My 9 month old rescue puppy has just finished two courses here at the Cesar's Pet Psychology Center for 6 weeks. Before we started she could not walk on a leash at all, nor follow a single command (not even sit). Now she looks like a show dog on a lease. She follows commands. She knows I am the pack leader and she is able to follow my commands with out me saying a word. The trainers at Country Inn are life changing. Everyone in the program in essence become their own dog whisperer, it's unbelievable.
Ricardo Leite
Best Pet Resort ever !!!! My dog jumps everyday saying "let's go!" Thank you for all the love we found, Country Inn staff !
Elizabeth Barroca
We have a 5 year old Lab that absolutely LOVES Country Inn!! He always get's so excited when I ask him if he wants to go to "school!" He attends daycare, boards and when he needs medical attention, he goes to the Animal Hospital side to see Dr. Kuchar. All of the staff is wonderful, kind and caring. I can't say enough about this place. I feel comfortable knowing that he is always well taken care of there. We Love Country Inn!
Fernando D'Annunzio
Friendly staff and great facilities for your pet. They also have a hospital in site if your pet needs one
George Perz
Best place for our girls, vet and doggie day care are best of the best!
Tamara Mans
Country Inn Pet Resort is gorgeous, clean, incredibly well organized, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, an amazing facility - I cannot say enough good things about it! The kennels are top notch, the outdoor area is beautiful, dog runs are large, the entire place is well kept and so nice. Everything is cleaned numerous times throughout the day, the staff is helpful, experienced and great with the dogs. I was here for a Training Cesar's Way Workshop and was so impressed by how this place is run and the quality of the care they provide - they go above and beyond! I felt so comfortable leaving my dog here knowing that he was incredibly well taken care of. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend County Inn Pet Resort!
Sonia Menezes
Excelent facilities; Very good infrastructure; qualified professionals; nice atmosphere; happy pets!
Daniella Pessoa
Best place, best team!
Sandy K
I am so impressed with the staff, the facilities and the grounds of the Country Inn Pet Resort! This place is where I would love to be if I were a dog. What better life can I dog have than this? As a professional groomer, the first thing that impressed me was the cleanliness of the kennel. I sensed no odor and saw they were well equipped to handle any kind of cleanup. The outside runs were all free of any waste and the grass was lush and green. The exercise areas were outstanding - wide open places for dogs to run and get a workout.

I wish we had a pet resort like this in Hershey PA!
Steve Del Savio
I am an Assistant Trainer of Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer" and we have done numerous workshops at The Country Inn Pet Resort. I have visited so many facilities through my work as a trainer and I can say that the Country Inn is the best of the best. I've been lucky enough to leave my dog there as well as see the "behind the scenes" operation of this place and everything is top of the line. The resort is absolutely immaculate with many full cleanings throughout the day and the staff is so friendly and professional. They truly care for all the animals in their care and I can see it in the happiness of the dogs staying at this fantastic facility. I absolutely recommend the Country Inn for any needs you or your dog may have. It takes a lot to approval and recommendation from myself and Cesar but this place succeeds in doing both. Do yourself a favor and try the Country Inn Pet Resort and see what it's like for you and your dog to experience the best of the best in dog care!
Beatriz De S Leite
The best pet resort that my dog Wally ever stayed.Great place,very clean and have great accommodations.
Laura Valle
I've been taking my Westie and Basset Hound here for about a year now and I could not be happier with the service provided by the staff, they make me feel like a family and the level of professionalism is superb. I trust their judgment completely with the health care of my babies. Clean facility, and the pricing is just right, considering the fact that I have two pets.
Brianna Scarborough
The Country Inn Pet Resort is a beautiful facility. I can't say enough great things about them. When I first went there, I was so amazed at how large the dog runs were and how clean the entire facility was. Even the kennels are immaculate and actually smell good! I don't know how it's possible with all the dogs there. It seems that every detail was carefully thought out and I have never seen a daycare/boarding facility like it.
In addition, the staff and care here is top notch. The owner is there frequently and is so nice. She clearly cares for animals. I found out that she was also a veterinarian which made me feel even safer about bringing my dog here. They actually do what they say and give the dogs the care and attention they need. Love, love, love this place!
Bea Grant
Fantastic staff and the furbabies look so happy there!! Management is on top of everything, pups get out so many times they sleep deeply when is nap time (have I mentioned that they have a nap time ? Lights out and zzzz) cameras everywhere, you can check your baby from anywhere in the world with Internet :)) A+++++
Paulo Dias
Great experience.My dog Bella loved it! Definitely a 5 stars.
Robert Enjel
We love Country Inn! Best Pet Resort in town!
France Talon
We have been taking our Lab "Moka" to Country Inn pet Resort for the last 8 years. Unfortunately we could not keep her anymore and she had a serious problem with her knee. We were going put her down. We took her to the C. Inn Animal Clinic to have the procedure done. It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do.
What you are about to read is the stuff that makes you realize what real good hearted people are made of. That same say, we received a call form the C. Inn staff asking us to transfer ownership of Moka to the resort. They could not bring themselves to put down a dog that they have been taking care of and everyone knew for so long....They decided to keep her for as long as they have to, or until they find a home for her. Even considering paying for her surgery to get her healthy again.
To Monica and her staff, we thank you for being so amazing. This selfless act is what evolutionary spirits are made of. Our gratitude is beyond words. You have always been an incredible pet resort and acts like these simply puts you guys on top !!!
Barbara Valente
I actually think my 5 year old frenchie likes Country Inn more than she likes being at home. I am constantly traveling out of town for work and the only place I trust to leave my "child" is at Country Inn. They treat their guests like royalty. They are extremely organized and clean. I am one of those who calls constantly asking for updates and the staff is extremely helpful and patient. The owner is always present so she constantly is aware of what's going on. The animal hospital is excellent had an emergency one afternoon and they saw me right away. You really get your moneys worth here. Plus this is a family run business not a franchise! I know my "baby" is being well taken care of when I leaver her at country inn!
Linda Reynolds
Love this place, my dog Buddy loves to come here, and I always feel comfortable leaving him knowing he is well taken care of.
Abimelec Rivera
Spectacular Place, I have visited lots of pet resorts (21 years in the military) and by far this has been the best. They keep the pets on a schedule so that they are not outdoors during the hottest time of the day. All of the kennels are nice and cozy, super clean that it leaves a pet owner feeling comfortable having their pets stay here. There is no way that I would leave my dog any where else.
Lisa Morton
We boarded our cat, and what I consider my second child, here about a year ago. I could not be happier with the service that was provided while we were away. Anytime I called or emailed the staff, I received prompt and courteous follow ups concerning her well being and what was going on. Absolutely recommend.
A state of the art facility all under one roof! The staff is always friendly. The kennels are always clean and the dogs are always under supervision. The resort has daycare where the dogs go out several times a day but not during the hot hours. I drive from Boca Raton because it is "The Best Place" in South Florida for boarding, daycare, grooming and veterinary. My dogs are always happy to go there and happy when I pick them up. The staff is very supportive and always with a smile. I highly recommend everyone to come and visit/try the Country Inn Pet Resort and I assure you that you and your dog will be happy. The Training Cesar's Way clinics are also a great way to help the owners and dogs in socialization, walking, swimming. The owners are willing to receive help from the trainer Rick Denning as well as his assistants is a positive manner. It's amazing how the owners do their "homework" during the week ans they come on saturday for the clinics and the change for the better on the dog as well as the owner are quite amazing.
Kelsea Nodal
I wouldn't bring my kids(dogs) to any other Animal Hospital or Boarding Facility. Dr.Kuchar is absolutely amazing! Without a doubt the Best.
Chris Delizza
Country Inn has taken care of our dogs for years (multiple generations). The staff is fun and friendly in both the kennel and the veterinary office.
Mark Devenport
We love this place!
Every time my dogs go there, they are always super happy :-)
Thank you Country Inn staff for taking such a good care of my dogs.
Lucy Quiles
We adopted Talia she is deaf and we boarded her for a weekend and we are so satisfied with the excellent care she received. The Vet service is excellent we have taken Talia a couple of times and she loves it so much she wants to stay all the time. We want to thank the staff for the care and professionalism they have always demonstrated.
Nir Ap
Our Annie loved the place and she was actually sad to come back home.... LOL
A Google User
Have been taking our dog here since she was a puppy. We had been several other places before deciding on Country Inn Pet Resort but were never happy with any of them.

First impression walking into Country Inn, besides its large size, is how clean it smells. It does not smell like dog! Its very clean inside outside and the staff are amazing. We use both the boarding side as well as the Vet side. Love the ability to drop our dog off in the morning, she plays and has fun in daycare and then when its time the staff bring her to the vet side, and then back to play time. They truly care about animals and it shows. They are always trying to do whatever possible to make your dogs experience as good as possible as well as keeping you the owner happy and satisfied. Having Country Inn available to take our dog to daycare during the day is such a relief. It gives her the chance to have a place to burn her energy while being around caring loving people. I think our dog thinks this place is her second home, she loves it and so do we. We have sent several people here and they have all loved it. Highly recommended!
A Google User
This is my first choice for a place when I go out of town to leave my 2 dogs. Even though I think it's a bit expensive, I don't have to worry. Have left my dogs there several times and they've always been well taken care of. One of my dogs has special needs and requires medication and they are one of the few places that will administer the meds. My dogs are quite happy when I come to pick them up and even seem like they don't want to leave. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a place for their pets to stay!
A Google User
I take my dog to Country Inn Animal hospital...usually I have to drag him into the vets office, but here I have to drag him out! =) They are always very attentive and always remember us. They are very friendly and they always make the experience a great one!
A Google User
I have never felt so comfortable with a vet before. Everytime I have either been there or called with a question the staff has been incrediible, they always remember me and my dog. I've never had to drag my dog out of the vet's office before but now I do. I'm so happy with this office that I drive 30 minutes to get there. I can't wait to try out the doggie day care/boarding for my puppy. LOVE THEM!
A Google User
from Christine B.-------My dog suffers from separation anxiety and 2 days into her stay at Country Inn she developed bloat. Summer saved her life by noticing so quickly. The owner rushed the dog personally in her car to my vet and she was in the ER within 20 minutes. My vet said the dog was lucky that the boarding facility had acted so quickly. They literally saved her life. Thank you, Country Inn!