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Ammo's owner Kim Overman
My daughter is definitely working on the walk. She realized after meeting with you that she was not the pack leader she should be. They walk daily in the Caesar walking manner. Kim is now always making Ammo wait before going out the door. Ammo is learning quickly. As they walk, Kim is slapping her leg like you did. Ammo now just ignores the noise.

I got a phone call from her at midnight the other night. They had just returned from a car show in which they took Ammo. There were lots of noises and she said Ammo was awesome. Even when a motorcycle backfired, he just came to Kim and sat. No more hiding. She then took him and walked the Caesar walk after he heard the noise. He was relaxed. Both Mike and Kim were so excited at Ammo’s changed behavior, they had to call me. You were correct, Ammo just needed to know he did not need to be the pack leader.

I think what really hit Kim was the end of our lesson. You met Ammo for just 2 hours. At the end when Kim had Ammo’s leash and you hit that metal sign loudly, Ammo immediately turned to sit in front of you and looked up at you. (No cowering or anything). You had become Ammo’s pack leader in just 2 hours. This really made Kim realize that Ammo’s fears were all based on the fact that he needed a leader, someone he could trust to protect him when these loud noises occurred. Wow – that was amazing.

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this thank you note.
Balee's owner Kathie Overman
She is doing better. I am trying to focus on her behavior before it escalates to the level at which I cannot get her back. It does seem to be working. You were correct – I was waiting too long. I am trying to be more proactive instead of stressing. I actually head toward other dogs on our walk now, so I can practice.

We are able to (most of the time) walk near other dogs. When the other dog is calm, she is great. I think I am more relaxed. When the other dog is wild and pulling toward us and barking, I think my stress level rises and Balee feels it. I then forget to correct Balee early enough. I have begun to just start talking a normal conversation to her when I see one of these wild dogs coming, to reduce my anxiety. I talk to her the entire time we pass them. Helps me, I think, which does help her.

We are getting there. Thank you.
Jas's owner Debbie Martin
My boxer "Jas" absolutely loves the Country Inn Pet Resort. When I leave her with the friendly staff for Day Care, I know that she is in the best of hands being given all the love, attention, and wide open spaces an energetic boxer needs! The Country Inn Pet Resort provides my boxer with a safe, secure, and healthy environment where she can socialize with a number of other dog breeds and exercise in their 4 acre play-field.