Boarding Rates

(Prices are per pet)

Canine Guests

(Includes 4 daily private play sessions in spacious grassy play areas)
VIP Suites$78
There is a 10% discount for each additional pet in the same suite.

Feline Guests

(Includes private play sessions in our fun kitty play area)
Double Ranch Cabin(One Guest)$36
Kitty Cabins$26

Holiday Rates

There will be a $15 daily fee added per pet per room during Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays.

Check out bath

K-9 Short Hair breeds K-9 Long Hair breeds
Up to 20lbs $20 $25
21 - 50lbs $25 $30
51 - 80lbs $30 $35
81 - 100lbs $35 $40
Over 100bs $40 $45
Additional $15 for medicated baths.

Day Care Rates

(Includes group play time in our 2 acres field and splashing in our Oasis or Bone Shaped Pool and "Paw-Cuzzi")
Temperament Test$15
Half Day$25
Full Day$35

Full day Daycare Packages

Pre-paid 10 Full Days$300($30 per day)
Pre-paid 20 Full Days$560($28 per day)
Pre-paid 30 Full Days$780($26 per day)

Half day Daycare Packages

Pre-paid 10 Half Days$200($20 per half day)
Pre-paid 20 Half Days$360($18 per half day)

Private Spa Rates

(Dogs not neutered or spayed and dogs that don't socialize)
Half Day$27
Full Day$37

Resort Additional Services

(Prices are per pet)

Day Care While Boarding

$14 per day
(4 daily group play session in our various play fields and splashing in our 2 pools and "Paw-Cuzzi")

Private Spa While Boarding

$16 per day
(4 daily one on one play sessions for dogs not neutered or spayed and dogs that don't socialize)

Pampered Pet Time

Additional TLC in their suite
Pampered Pet Time$15 for 20 minutes

Brushing and de-matting

Daily brushing starting at$14
De matting starting at$16

Ear Cleaning


Nail Trim


Please Note

A late check out fee will apply after 12 noon
no check-ins or check-outs during naptime
(12 noon to 2:00 p.m.)